In September 1, 1911

“I am fine and, I live in a wonderful house of a bey, but I am cut off the whole world. Even the mail does not reach here, one can’t even dream of getting letters. By the way, Moks, where Turks live now, is considered to be one of the least developped and wild settlements of Asian Turkey. The climate is very favourable and there are few beautiful things, but women here are very beautiful. I have never seen such beautiful women. The people are kind but one may see traces of century-old slavery sealed on their faces. 573-1-ru-c8542020c15c3462f151daf6c0831a9dLiving here I got convinced that Kurds are wild and brutal”.


“I am living in the house of Mudir, a district Pristav, Kurdish Bei, who was a defendant of Armenians. I have rarely met such an amiable and handsome old man. And the most important thing is that he is amazingly decent, though he has never gone anywhere but Van. He treats me politely and friendly’
‘The children provided a good service to me as well. They took my work as an entertainment  and every minute they used to run up to and fro and ask if I had put down this word or that”.