RubenThe family of the Orbelis is of old noble origin. They come from the famous Mamikonians and played a great role in the social and cultural life of the Armenians.
The paternal grandfather (1809-1891) graduated from the Lazarian Seminary and was ordained as a clergyman and served in the Armenian Сhurhes of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Later he moved to Tiflis to serve in the Armenian Сhurch.
The father of the brothers Abgar Orbeli (1849-1912) graduadet from the Imperial University of St. Petersburg, faculty of law.
He was an educated and well-read man. He was also interestend in social and political life. Being of modest means, he, nevertheless, made every effort to support his cbildren’s education.
His wife, Varvara Movses Arghutian-Yerkainabazuk (1857-1937), came from a noble family. She was an educated woman, spoke four languages and took great care of her sons upbringing and education.
The exhibits displayed in the first hall illustrate the eldest brother Ruben Orbeli’s life and scientific activity.
He is one of the founders of Soviet Submarine Archaelogy and one of the greatest historians of underwater exploration.
His publication Leonardo da Vinci and his Works about Underwater Swimming and Methods of Diving , Divers of Greece and Rome, Divers of Moscovite Russia were collections of the results of eight-year intensive research on the history previously unknown from ancient times to the present day.