The third hall is devoted to the Academcian Hovsep Orbeli. He is the most remarkable Armenologist, one of the scientists who foresaw the role and place of Armenian Studies.
He was a bright individual, an outstanding orator, talented organizor and teacher of numerous scientific workers.
Hovsep Orbeli headed the Departament of Oriental Studies at Leningrad State University.
He founded the Leningrad Departament of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences and was its first president. Then from 1938 – 1943 he headed the Armenian branch of the Acadimy, later from 1943 – 1947 he was the first president of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. In a word he was the founder of the Armenian Academy of Scieaces end its ferst president.
Here his scientific works, letters from Ani, Van, Moks, personal belongings as well as materials on conferences and his activity at the State Hermitage are displeyed.