The museum was opened in 1982 July 6. The town of Tsaghkadzor is one of the health  resorts of the Republic of Armenia, and the only cultural centre is the Brothers Orbeli Museum.
There are 1700 exhibits in the museum.
The museum was organized by the stuff members of the  museum together with the relatives, friends and pupils of the Orbelis who presented to   the museum what was left from the belongings of the brothers Orbeli.
All this exhibited in the halls spreads ligbt on the life and scientific activity of the Orbeli family.The members of the scientific society at the museum take an active part in the social life  of the museum.
The famous sculptor Artashes Hovsepian’s basrelief stands in the nearby square named after  the brothers Orbeli where ceremonies and festivities take place.
The interior and the exhibits quarantee the instructive and the emotional perception of   the museum making it interesting.